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The day-to-day functions of your business don’t stop, no matter what. Whether your team is fully remote by choice or working from home due to an emergency, it’s vital  to be prepared to conduct all business functions – including employee training – remotely, if needed. Remote employee training via video conferencing can be very effective, but it is important to recognize the challenges and identify solutions to ensure online training success.

Challenges & Solutions

Don't Let Lack of Preparation Ruin Work From Home

When your team is faced with a weather emergency, global pandemic or another challenge, it’s crucial  to understand the potential problems that can impact employee training and remote work. This understanding can help you avoid common pitfalls and also identify and be ready to mobilize solutions should any issues pop up.

You must send out  invitations ahead of time to confirm  everyone has the right software installed and is ready for employee training. Clear.Live is a Zoom alternative developed specifically to overcome this hurdle with a mobile-compliant web portal for secure, enhanced web conferencing that includes premium security features, outstanding tools, and exceptional amenities.

Less Overall Supervision

Mandating that cameras stay on during work calls can help build a team, and this practice is also imperative for monitoring both mood and well-being. In addition, always start a web conference with a published agenda to help everyone stay on track and know what is expected of them during the meeting time.

Impacts on Employee Camaraderie

One of the largest downfalls of  remote working is the loss of spontaneous conversation within an office environment. This “water cooler talk” is a great way to build employee camaraderie and connect in what can otherwise be a formal work environment.

Clear.Live’s chat functions work seamlessly within a video conferencing setting to provide a synchronized way for team members to share ideas and have instantaneous conversations. These chats can be informal and allow space for everyone to get a brainstorming conversation going.

Meeting Content Privacy

A team of telecom industry veterans developed Clear.Live to be a safe, straightforward and matchlessly secure way to communicate. The 256-bit encrypted system is GDPR, HIPAA and Federal Government compliant, making it the perfect way to communicate across a variety of industries.

Work from home is probably here to stay. But that doesn’t mean that your employee training sessions have to suffer. With a little careful planning and some attention to detail, you can leverage your remote employee training program via a virtual meeting platform to ensure the success of all involved.


Whether you are training new employees or offering ongoing education to company veterans, there are ways to creatively utilize video conferencing software to foster camaraderie, deliver important information and achieve desired results. When mobilizing your business to employ remote employee training, it is imperative to choose the correct video conferencing service to meet the needs of your business and your staff. Choose a service that offers access to the options that are right for you, such as video and non-video meetings, chat, call security, call recording and other features that will ensure your online employee training sessions and virtual meetings are successful.


Clear.Live provides personal and business users with safe, simple and affordable video conferencing services. The mobile-friendly, browser-based service is easy to use yet offers a robust suite of tools to help anyone communicate efficiently and effectively. With Clear.Live’s streamlined interface and end-to-end encryption, users in all settings enjoy the most secure virtual meetings available in an easy-to-use yet dynamic, package. Reimagine web conferencing with Clear.Live. Start a free trial today.