Choosing the Right Personal Audio Options for Video Conferencing

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Person putting on headphones at laptop

You’ve set up your meeting time, the participants are ready – now you need the perfect headset to make your video conference or webinar a success. Audio headsets come in many types and price points, so you’ll need to choose what suits your preferences and environment. Make your next virtual meeting the best with high-quality audio, comfort and ease.

Benefits of Wearing a Headset

The quality audio options available today make it easy and affordable to choose an excellent headset for video conferences and webinars. A good headset can optimize sound quality for both ends of the conversation. As more people are working remotely and using headsets, speaker and microphone technology has rapidly improved.

Clear.Live’s robust features include an audio-only option as an alternative to video calling, remote speaker control access, private meeting chats, telephone call-in capabilities and much more.

Choosing the Best Headset for You

There are many excellent headset options on the market. Over the ear headphone types offer excellent noise-canceling capabilities, while on-ear headsets are the smallest, most portable option. Choose your headsets based on what is most comfortable. Either of these options comes in a wired or wireless option. Wired headsets plug directly into your computer and offer reliable connectivity. Wireless headsets require a signal, such as WiFi or Bluetooth, to connect to your device.

Features to Look for in a Headset

Headsets can offer noise cancellation in a couple different methods. Headsets can support passive noise-canceling by covering or insulating the ear to block out external sounds. Active noise-canceling headsets use tiny microphones to emit the opposite signal of ambient noise to cancel out both sounds as the sound waves collide.

Another great feature of headsets is the ability to connect to multiple devices, such as your computer and phone, simultaneously, through Bluetooth pairing. This allows the user to switch audio from one device to another, so you can answer calls on your cell phone after participating in a video conference on your laptop.

Other important features to look for in a headset are a good microphone, excellent sound quality, and for wireless headsets, the amount of talk time and charge life before they need to be recharged.

Clear.Live’s web conferencing service features optimal usability, accessibility, and security with feature-rich reliability and crisp high definition performance. Having quality audio options will ensure that users get the most from our premium web conferencing and webinar service.

Headset Etiquette

Wearing a headset for video conferencing and webinars offers a great solution to the problem of echo feedback, which can be caused from your computer microphone “hearing” the sound from your computer speakers of your video conference. When you wear a headset, the microphone will not pick up the sound of people speaking in your conference or meeting. The ability to mute yourself when you are not actively speaking in a meeting, and to prevent disruptive background noise, is another great reason to wear a headset for virtual meetings.  You don’t want to be the video conference attendee that is constantly disrupting the call with your barking dog!

Remote web conferences and webinars are here to stay.  Choosing the right audio options for you will help to ensure your success in today’s remote workplace. Clear.Live offers safe, simple and affordable options to ensure your remote meetings are a success. The mobile-friendly, browser-based service is easy to use yet offers a robust suite of tools to help everyone stay connected and communicate effectively.  Get the most from your virtual meetings by having the best audio option. Clear.Live has a variety of features to make web conferencing easier for you.  Sign up for a free trial today!