5 Cyber-Smart Tips to Avoid Uninvited Web Conferencing Guests

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Web conferencing is now a common occurrence but being disrupted by uninvited guests or pranksters is a hassle that you shouldn’t have to endure.  These disruptions can be prevented by taking steps for online meeting cyber security.  Clear.Live offers video conference solutions including a dynamic service package that can keep your virtual meetings safe and secure.

Use a Unique Meeting ID and Password 

When scheduling a meeting, select the option to generate a random ID rather than using your personal ID. Your personal ID is shared with everyone on your contacts list and is not as secure as a random ID generated for a specific meeting. Require a password for all participants to enter the meeting, and only share the password directly with participants. Also, remember to not share the meeting ID and password in a public place, and remind participants not to share this information. 

Use the Virtual Waiting Room

When participants request to join your virtual meeting, have them first go to the virtual waiting room. There you can immediately approve participants to enter the meeting, send them a message for more information, or remove them from the waiting room. This cyber security feature allows the host to control exactly who is admitted to the web conference. If a participant becomes disruptive during your virtual event, the host can also send them back to the waiting room and have a discussion with them through the chat feature.

Lock Down Your Event

Once every participant that should attend your web conference has been admitted from the waiting room, choose the feature to lock down the meeting. This security option ensures that no one else can join after your virtual event has begun, even users with the meeting ID and password. Such will prevent disruptions, especially for the host, as they won’t get requests to admit participants from the waiting room once the web conference has begun.

Maintain Privacy

 An excellent way to maintain privacy and prevent disruptions during web conferencing is to disable screen sharing.  It can be very disruptive if an uninvited guest or prankster gets in and shares an offensive visual.  Hosts can uncheck the “share screen” option and allow participants to share their screen as needed.  Also, remember that virtual meeting hosts can record audio, video and public chats. As a participant, make sure anything you share during these meetings is applicable and suitable to be shared later in recordings.

Control Audio and Video of Participants

Disabling attendees’ video and muting their audio as they join the web conference is another good way you can limit disruptions during web conferencing. Participants can use the chat feature to request time to speak, and the host can re-mute them after they’ve finished talking.

These tips can help to guarantee that your web conference runs smoothly.  Clear.Live’s end-to-end encryption ensures that only participants can listen to or read what is sent during web conferences.  Our matchless security means that you can take care of business or enjoy a personal conversation without any unwelcome surprises. Our safe and secure platform guarantees that web conference content remains confidential.  Clear.Live offers personal and business users a safe, simple and secure way to meet. 

The more web conferencing is used for personal and business conversations, the more people are concerned about security. These conversations are often sensitive, and we believe they should remain private. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the most secure web conferencing available. Start a free trial with Clear.Live today to learn more.