A Closer Look at Today’s Hybrid Office

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The hybrid office model once prevalent during the pandemic is here to stay. A study by Upworks predicts that 36.2 million workers in America will work remotely by 2025, an 87 percent increase from pre-pandemic levels. A hybrid office model including working from home options can be cost-effective and beneficial for both employers and employees. Technology innovations such as communication tools and video conferencing make a hybrid office model successful.

Benefits of Hybrid Office Model

A hybrid office model, where some employees work from home while others work on-site, can benefit everyone. One advantage of a hybrid office model is that it supports employees working in the environment best conducive to their productivity. Some people work best in the quiet of their home, while others thrive in a community office setting. A report by Owl Labs in 2021 found that 55 percent of respondents said they work more hours remotely than in a physical office. Remote employees also save an average of 40 minutes daily from commuting. Work from home can offer flexible hours, so morning birds and night owls can both work when most productive.

A hybrid office model can also be cost-saving for employers and employees. Employers can save on office space and rent costs and gain increased productivity from employees. Workers can save on car maintenance, fuel costs, and lower food and clothing costs. 

Employers can hire talent from around the world in a hybrid office model. This enables companies to find the exact the skill-set they are searching for, and not be limited to employees in their local area. Video conferencing technology such as Clear.Live’s services will keep people connected virtually regardless of distance.

Even the environment can benefit from a hybrid office model. According to the EPA, transportation accounts for 28 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Fewer cars on the road decreases these emissions and also lessens wear and tear on the road system.

Challenges of Hybrid Office Model

While there are many advantages to some employees working from home, there are also challenges in a hybrid office model. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that all employees feel equally valued and connected, so remote employees don’t feel that on-site employees are favored. For example, if in-office employees receive catered lunch and free snacks in a break room, sending gift cards to a local restaurant for your remote employees can remind them they are appreciated too.

Communication can be another area requiring dedication when using a hybrid office model. All contact with remote employees is virtual, which will require commitment and time to check in. It is sometimes easier to keep up with employees when you have face-to-face chats going into and out of the building, over lunch and in the break room. Taking the time to regularly communicate with remote workers helps everyone feel connected.

On-site employees may receive faster promotions and more praise for their work, simply because they have a more personal interaction with management. Being intentional about communication will help overcome this challenge, so you know about successes for remote workers as well as in-office employees.

Provide Tools to Support Hybrid Work

Providing adequate tools for this evolving way of work is important to helping both employers and employees navigate and adjust. Investing in technologies such as communication tools and video conferencing will keep everyone connected. Creating communication best practices will ensure that everyone knows the expectations. 

Adopting an asynchronous style of communication, not immediately expecting a response, will be especially helpful for workers in different time zones. Be mindful of conducting meetings – find a time that suits everyone, and create a specific agenda to avoid wasting employees’ time. . Check in often with employees to get feedback on what is working and what changes need to be made.

A hybrid office model can benefit  both employers and employees when the proper tools and communication are used. Working from home can be cost-effective and enhance productivity, making your business as efficient as possible.

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