You’ve Recorded Your Meeting or Webinar… Now What?

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The proper promotion of your company’s webinar is absolutely essential for success. In fact, promotion may be the key ingredient. There is a lot of effort that goes into preparing for a webinar or web conference – contacting potential speakers, creating compelling content, setting up logistics, etc.
so it only makes sense that you would do everything you can to wow your audience with the final product.

But the bottom line remains: It doesn’t matter how great your webinar is if you don’t have attendees or if they don’t see the content repurposed on a recording. In short, all the work doesn’t mean much if nobody is there to hear it.

A live, online seminar or workshop must first be organized, with attendees invited and speakers confirmed. The best part is that there is no travel involved, so both hosts and attendees can be located anywhere in the world and receive the same access. For best results, choose a broader topic, but make sure that it includes actionable steps for your audience. This will allow you to target potential attendees in a variety of ways. Additionally, it is always good to set an attendee goal so that you can market effectively and get the audience you need.

Give attendees something useful by keeping your webinar content educational and informative, but also try to work in enough entertainment value that people aren’t bored with regurgitated information. PowerPoint / Google Slide decks are an effective way to make sure your message is communicated clearly, and can also be used to keep speakers on target. Keep in mind that the info on these decks should be prompts for speaking, not an entire presentation written out.

It’s easy to create webinar content with only your company’s end goal in mind, but if you keep the attendees’ end goals at the forefront, your message remains top of mind beyond the initial session.

Basic Ways to Promote Your Webinar both Before and After the Event

Active social media accounts and creative marketing can garner a lot of support for web conference attendance. Post multiple times to your company’s social media outlets to remind others of the event, and don’t shy away from using LinkedIn to target potential audience members who might find your content useful. If you have even a small budget, consider “boosting” the event for higher visibility. After the event is over, you can upload particular slides to build more engagement and promote recorded content for future use.

Social media works well with cross-promotional opportunities, too, so plan to provide content and graphics to any speakers who are active on their personal/professional social media. These can include a call to action that goes to a sign up page on your company’s branded site.

Remember that YouTube is an often forgotten social media platform that carries a lot of leverage in a wide array of industries. Pre-event, take time to create a promotional video for your webinar. Post-event, consider uploading the first 10 minutes (or a highlight reel) so that attendees can see what the webinar is about, and consider requiring registration to watch the full recording so you can gather contact info for future promotions.

Use your email databases to give current contacts information about upcoming webinars and grant access to the recording if they miss the initial presentation. Don’t forget to use filters to properly sift out those who have already registered or those that attended so that the messages don’t feel spammy. In addition, if you have a willing speaker, ask them to cross-promote through their email channels.

Allow interested users to register for the webinar recording – even if they aren’t available to watch it live. This allows you to cast a wider net and capture interest (and email addresses!)

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