Five Tips for Successful Virtual Employee Onboarding

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The typical work environment of yesteryear has drastically changed from what we knew. Work from home is here to stay and is no longer a temporary solution to the pandemic for many businesses. This has compelled employers that have adapted to the remote workplace culture to improve how they receive new team members through virtual employee onboarding. 

What is virtual employee onboarding?

Virtual employee onboarding is the new employee orientation process that typically takes place in person but is now virtual! It’s getting the new hire introduced to their new coworkers, getting them up to speed on their new position and the duties they’ll take on, and getting them ingrained in the company culture.

Navigating this new way of onboarding has been made simple with the help of video conferencing platforms, but how do you ensure the experience is still adequate for the new employee? 

Follow our five tips for successful virtual employee onboarding.

Check Your Tech

Preparing the technology for your new hire is essential for a smooth virtual employee onboarding experience. First, figure out what technology they need for their position, like a desktop or laptop computer. You’ll then need to decide whether the computer and workspace necessities need to be picked up or shipped to the new employee. Also, make a list of applications and digital documents to which the new hire will need access and ensure they are ready to use or view before the computer is retrieved. Applications include video conferencing platforms like Clear.Live so that they can participate in virtual meetings.

Set The Agenda

Create a plan for at least the first week to set the new hire up for long-term success at the company. You’ll want to coordinate virtual meetings with team members, including members of leadership and even IT, within your virtual employee onboarding schedule. These meetings should range from general get-to-know-you discussions to deep dives into company policies.

Appoint An Onboarding Buddy

Provide an onboarding mentor among the new hire’s direct team members to immediately foster connection. This mentor will be a great resource they can turn to beyond their manager. If your team is working across time zones, it will be helpful to establish a person they can talk to if questions pop up when others are off the clock. 

Communicate And Check In Regularly

Make sure to check in with your new hire often, one-on-one, and with the whole group to establish standards for communication. Informal meetings between coworkers can help build camaraderie and allow everyone to get to know each other in a more relaxed manner. 

Since joining a new team is a different experience for everyone, it is pertinent to follow up with new hires to gauge how the onboarding process is going for them. Take stock of how they’re feeling and make necessary adjustments.

Utilize Video Conferencing Features

Make the virtual employee onboarding process more engaging and interactive by using the many robust tools video conferencing platforms like Clear.Live offer:22 

Screen sharing – this feature allows remote access and collaboration to share the contents of your screen with another device during a meeting. Screen sharing keeps everyone on the same page and bolsters comprehension.

Whiteboard capabilities – this is a communal area in a meeting space for attendees to write and draw their brainstorms. It’s perfect for any icebreaker games you may do during your virtual employee onboarding.

Shared notes – this is another collaborative feature similar to the whiteboard that offers attendees the opportunity to exchange information via text. 

Recordings – the recording library of past meetings will be vital for a new hire. This feature is a great resource they could use during any downtime during their onboarding schedule to study further information about the company.

Virtual employee onboarding has become commonplace, and the tools from Clear.Live allows your team to work seamlessly from day one. Start your free trial today to see the Clear.Live difference! Follow us on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to learn more tips and tricks to help your business!