Virtual Meetings: Everything You Need to Know About Web Conferencing Backgrounds

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Nothing is more depressing than seeing the empty walls of a coworker’s home office or more distracting than seeing another’s child run into the frame during an important virtual meeting or sales pitch. That’s where web conferencing backgrounds can come into play. 

If you think your setup is different and don’t need to use a background. We’ve got some news for you. Even if you decorate your personal space with a humorous flag or home decor, you should still use a web conferencing background. 

Here’s everything you need to know about web conferencing backgrounds.

Web conferencing backgrounds, defined.

Most virtual meeting platforms, like Clear.Live provide users with the option of selecting an image to be featured within the background of the camera frame. 

Employees will be far more engaged and willing to turn their cameras on during a virtual meeting if they aren’t embarrassed to show off their surroundings or worried about distracting the team. 

The Benefits of Using Web Conferencing Background

They Provide A Sense of Professionalism

The definition of the workplace has significantly changed since the pandemic’s beginning. Companies are now hybrid, remote, in-office, or completely dispersed. This flexibility allows teammates to meet virtually from coffee shops or their backyards. With web conferencing backgrounds, you can exude professionalism while sipping a latte at your local Starbucks, and no one on your team would be distracted.

They Maintain Privacy

Maybe you didn’t have time to clean up your space before a virtual meeting with a client, or you’re in the middle of renovating your place. Web conferencing backgrounds help you maintain your privacy and cover up anything that could cause embarrassment so you can worry about your pitch and not your background appearance.

They Keep Everyone Focused

While creativity is always welcome in the workplace, consistency can help bolster productivity by keeping everyone focused. Some companies require employees to use the same background across the company for this very purpose. Choosing a picture you ripped from your favorite movie is all fun and games until you realize that everyone spent most of the meeting quoting The Godfather when you played back your virtual meeting recording.

Some Best Practices

–  Try to stay in one place or minimize your movements. Web conferencing backgrounds tend to adjust as you move. So make sure to stay put to avoid distractions, especially if you are recording the meeting. (You don’t want an embarrassing playback!)

–  Remember to consider your lighting! Even though you’re utilizing a background, you still need to light your area correctly, so others in the meeting can clearly see you. 

–  Adjust your web camera setting —most platforms like Clear.Live, allow you to select a higher quality for your web camera. Lower-quality images can be distracting. 

Pro tip! If you’re trying to show an object, place it in front of your body. Doing this will ensure that the background won’t adjust to cover it.

Clear.Live’s Web Conferencing Background Options

At Clear.Live we understand the importance of selecting a background for your virtual meeting, which is why we offer four pre-loaded options for you to choose from. When you start your web camera in your next Clear.Live virtual conference, you can change your virtual background settings and select a blurred background or a home image, or if you want a different vibe, you can choose the coffee shop or chalkboard images.

Web conferencing backgrounds allow your team to maintain privacy and focus during virtual meetings. Clear.Live offers a suite of services to give you a leg up in virtual meetings. Start a free trial today to experience the Clear.Live difference!